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Koblevo Region - Postponed - Help Ukraine! at https://www.ruralsusdev.org/contribute

The Koblevo Region lies between the large cities of Odessa and Mykolaiv and above the resort town of Kobleve on the Black Sea. It is an area of small villages and farms surrounding the Tylihul estuary, a naturalists dream, filled with birds and unique flora and fauna. Come visit the Tylihusky Reserve and the nearby Tashyne Bay and the Tsareha River estuary, one of the largest virgin steppe areas in southern Ukraine. Combined with a rich history, its oyster and wine production, this is a quiet part of Ukraine with a people determined to maintain sustainable practices.

Step one

Learn about the community through our community tour - Coming in June

Designed by our communities and part of your unique, two-night-package, the tour represents the three pillars of sustainable tourism - environmental, economic and socio cultural

Local Culture

  • Wine making

Pristine Nature

  • Visit the protected Tyhulisky Reserve

Daily life

  • How to grow oysters and mussels

Step two

Stay longer with these activities - Coming in June

Special activities created by our communities. Make a selection and pay directly at the destination

Step three

Home stays - coming in June

How to get there

From Odesa by car, approximately 2 hours.

From Kyiv: By train or plane to Odesa and Mykolayiv and then by car.

We would be pleased to help you with transportation. Please let us know your needs.

Meet our Community

Supporting sustainable approaches

Visit our estuary kingdom