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Ukraine is big, diverse, welcoming and largely undiscovered. Its history reaches back to the 9th century and its rivers were major trading routes for Vikings who built settlements along the way and established the Amber Road down the Dnipro River and its tributaries. A hospitable, diverse nation, you will be welcomed with hearty food that will give you the energy to hike in the Carpathians, bike along forest trails and go boating on the estuaries of the Dnipro. Explore our undiscovered Ukraine.

Croc Marker
Croc Marker

Koblevo Region Spring 2022

The region lying between Odesa and Mykolaiv and Koblevo to the south is covered with small villages and farms that have preserved their culture and environment for decades. Home to protected areas and rich with wildlife and rare plants, this region is a naturalist dream. It is a center for natural oyster farms, fresh fish and quiet recreation. Enjoy the clear air and water, experience the therapeutic mud baths available and settle back tasting wine from one of the largest and oldest vinyard in Ukraine while watching our flamigoes.

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The BSST Program is committed to growing our communities in a sustainable manner. All our experiences are two-night stays and a full-day “Get to Know Your Community Tour”. We create a collaborative relationship between rural communities and the traveler to make a positive human, environmental and financial impact. We seek to create innovative approaches to help foster knowledge sharing, environmental stewardship, and cultural exchange through sustainable tourism practices.

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