Experience our Türkiye. Not what you expect. We take you to towns and villages that are off the beaten track and where you can experience unique and different cultures, cuisines, art and nature. Each region of Türkiye has a different face to present and along the heavily forested and mountainous Black Sea coast, the provinces have been home to civilizations dating back thousands of years.

Croc Marker
Croc Marker


A town with a deep history, filled with traditions reaching back to a time when it was on a major branch of the Silk Road and resting in a spectacular river valley surrounded by mountains and forests. Visit a town where time has stopped.

Experience the community

The BSST Program is committed to growing our communities in a sustainable manner. All our experiences are two-night stays and a full-day “Get to Know Your Community Tour”. We create a collaborative relationship between rural communities and the traveler to make a positive human, environmental and financial impact. We seek to create innovative approaches to help foster knowledge sharing, environmental stewardship, and cultural exchange through sustainable tourism practices.

Türkiye is variety