Georgia is, without question, one off the most beautiful countries on earth. It sits at the crossroads of Asia and Europe with a history dating back thousands of years. Georgia rises from the Black Sea up to the high Caucases separated by fresh, green valleys covered with vineyards and fruit trees, protected by ancient fortresses and watch towers and a very special people. It is the birthplace of wine and where its 4 million people welcome guests as blessings. The BSST representative office in Georgia is Bridge Innovation and Development, an NGO with more than 20 years' experience. For contact information, please go to the FAQ page. They will help with any emergencies and problems. PLEASE NOTE THAT BOTH NUKRIANI AND KAZBEGI DESTINATIONS HAVE RESTRICTED BOOKINGS FOR THE WINTER SEASON BEGINNING NOVEMBER 1, 2022 THROUGH MARCH 30, 2033. PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE MAKING ANY BOOKING!

Croc Marker
Croc Marker


Nukriani is a small village high above the historic walled town of Sighnagi. Enjoy a lunch and spectacular views of the Alazani River valley that is home to vineyards and orchards that create some of the best wines in the country.


Welcome to Stepantsminda - the official name of Kazbegi. This is an area of spectacular mountains and warm hospitality dominated by the snow-covered Mt. Kazbegi and the 14th century Trinity Church of Gergeti.


Welcome to the heart of the oldest wine making region in the world. Alaverdi was and is a small village named after its founder from Antioch in the 6th century when he established what is now Alaverdi Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Experience the community

The BSST Program is committed to growing our communities in a sustainable manner. We make sure that at least 75% of all charges remain in the community. All our experiences are two-night stays and a full-day “Get to Know Your Community Tour” except in Alaverdi which is one and a half days.. We create a collaborative relationship between rural communities and the traveler to make a positive human, environmental and financial impact. We seek to create innovative approaches to help foster knowledge sharing, environmental stewardship, and cultural exchange through sustainable tourism practices.

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